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Healcier - “Healthy cigarette”

Healcier comes from the words Healthy and cigarette. It is well known that traditional tobacco produces nicotine and tar which are harmful to the human health. In addition to being addictive, nicotine also causes many diseases or unhealthy conditions, such as lung cancer, high blood pressure, and increased heart rate,ect..

As a result, our scientists and engineers conducted a study: Is there a product or a technology that can provide an authentic smoking experience while avoiding the risk of smoking? After countless trials, the scientists finally chose the technology of heating-non-burn(no open flame), in this way to reduce the harmful chemicals produced by open flames.

What is more surprising is that scientists found a plant that can replace traditional tobacco but not produce nicotine after nearly 10,000 trials. In this way, an "electronic cigarette" that is harmless to human health is produced.

To be precise, Healcier is not a cigarette, it is a plant-based alternative to cigarettes with no nicotine and no second-hand smoke hazard, never existed before, and will be more and more popular around the world.

The development process of Healcier

In Jun,1988
The concept of heat-non-burn was created

In 1988,the development of the market of traditional cigarette was limited because of the bad influence of burning tobacco.Then the concept of heat-non-burn was created which upended human’s the perception of conventional cigarettes.In the next decades, scientists kept researching and reforming and experienced countless failures.

In Dec,2014
The first heat-non-burn tobacco heatstick was produced

Finally,in 2014,The PMI company in Japan first promote “no-tar”and “low-nicotine” heatsticks and the heating device IQOS which made the concept of heat-not-burn come true and populated around the world.

In Apr,2015
The idea of “no-nicotine”vanilla generated

However,the"low-nicotine"and "no-tar"heatsticks still contained nicotine which makes people addicted and is harmful to human health.It still has not changed the fact that smoking is harmful to health.It is very urgent to have an new and healthy alternative to tobacco.

In Jan,2016
The birth of smoking vanilla - Research and Development Stage

With the intention of staying healthy while keeping smoking,our researchers in Japan lab found an alternative vanilla with no nicotine and prepared to have further research.Eventually,they succeed to design a brand new plant cigarette without nicotine and tar after countless failures and named it smoke vanilla.

In May,2017
The first generation of smoke vanilla without nicotine

After about two-years researches and tests,our first smoke vanilla product without nicotine was finally produced and promoted into Japan market.It turned out no-nicotine is welcome in Japan market and we got many useful feedbacks from customers.

In Jan,2018
The second generation of smoke vanilla -SKS

After we got some feedbacks from Japan market,we made some improvements and updates on the materials and tastes.Then we first promoted our second generation of smoke vanilla - SKS in Hongkong.And it was widely popular.Also ,it become a symbol of new generation of cigarette alternative.

In Sep,2018
The third generation of smoke vanilla- Healcier and Heccig

In September ,2018,we would like to expand Asian and Europe market,and established the brand Healcier in Asia,and Heccig in Europe.We collected the tastes information of 15 countries in Europe for comparison and upgrade.And finally we developed the third generation smoke vanilla product with the most healthy and elegant flavor.We will continue to make more changes and improvements on our product and try to make a contribution to the healthier tobacco industry

Factory environment


100,000 Level Air Purification

With the most advanced equipment as base, we top it with the most innovative technology and rigorous process to create the most dust-free sterile environment for production, just to preserve the best quality for you. .

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Four production factories

We have 4 different factories with humongous production capacity ensuring the steady supply of our products. Hence, we are able to provide the customized flavor for our customers by demand..

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Strict quality control

From the dust-free sterile production environment, to most innovative production techniques, along with the strict product testing process, we try our best to build up our product system based on our rigorous quality control..

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Global online customer services and sales

We seek agent partners around the world and offer comprehensive consulting services.If you have any questions about the product or business cooperation,please contact the following sales managers,we will give reply in the shortest time

Sunny Hu
Sales Manager

Senior Product Manager, responsible for Healcier products overseas investment and product feedback

Allen Chen
Sales Manager

Senior Product Manager, responsible for Healcier products overseas investment and product feedback

Jack Zhang
Sales Manager

Senior Product Manager, responsible for Healcier products overseas investment and product feedback