Platform advantage

Platform advantage

Dongguan Vanilla Bioengineering(SKS)Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is a high-tech enterprise with international patents. The company specializes in the research and development of innovative fashion, green and healthy tobacco-generation products, and has successfully completed the research, development, testing and production of Healcier products, realizing the technological innovation and product transformation of heating-non-burning tobacco products, and truly ushered in “A new era without nicotine”.

The company has set up a professional research and development team to constantly overcome technical difficulties and develop new products every quarter.Products using the latest technology to ensure the leading position of Healcier brand products in the market research and development technology field, so that agents and dealers have the initiative in the market.

The company attaches importance to the research and development of products, and constantly develop series of products.New products are put on shelves every quarter, aiming at the needs of different customers, so that consumers are willing to repurchase. The more various products are, the more choices consumers have, and the more opportunities for agents to make money.

The company has researched and developed unique specially-offered series of products independently with features and outlooks that are one of the kind, which enables the agents to enjoy the exclusivity of the local market with humongous profits while ensuring the advantage of sustainable development within the market.

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