Agent Cooperation

Brand New Product

A different kind of concept and product that has never been generated. A plant-extracted product that replaces traditional cigarette with no nicotine, is extremely friendly to human health.

Heat-non-burn Technology

Authentic smoking experience,no open flame and harmful chemicals produced by burning.

Large-scale Production

We have four factories in the mature production chain to ensure the supply of goods.

Various Flavors

After a global market survey, we developed four flavors to meet the needs of our customers.

Taste Customization

We can customize the tastes according to the agent’s needs.

Strong Market Strategy

We can work with agents to help agents create strategies to increase sales.

We have different agency models and cooperation stages

  • 01.

    Test Agent.Primary partners, with the right to sell the products and enjoy relatively high product profits.

  • 02.

    Contract Agent.Signed partner, with the right to utilize the brand and recruit distributors and local partners.

  • 03.

    National Agent.Enjoys the sole control over sales rights of products under the brand in national region.

What are you waiting for?

Join us and become a national agent to get more platform support and product development plans.

Platform advantage

We have independent research and development of science and technology as well as professional training of the excellent team, with our agents throughout the world....

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Support plan

Healcier offers different support service for all types of customer's based on their requirements..

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Products introduction

Healcier comes from the words Healthy and cigarette. It is well known that traditional tobacco produces nicotine and tar which are harmful to the human health....

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